Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is Get My Horse?
A: Get My Horse is a horse sales website where people can buy and sell horses online. Get My Horse offers thoroughbreds for sale, warmbloods for sale, holsteiners for sale, hanoverians for sale and more. GMH offers a user friendly platform to find horses for sale and list a horse for sale.

Q: What disciplines does Get My Horse specialize in?
A: Get My Horse specializes in sport horses and warmbloods for sale such as hunter/jumper horses for sale, equitation horses for sale and eventing horses for sale.

Q: We use Facebook - what's wrong with that?
A: We offer a LOT more than Facebook. Location based search and search filtered listings that are gorgeous and display your horse beautifully.  Our listings ask sellers questions that buyers want answered so sellers don't have to repeat their answers multiple times. Plus we don't sell your data to the highest bidder. Buyers can register and use the direct messaging system to contact sellers and properly save listings of interest. We also provide full analytics for every seller so they can be fully aware of interest in their horse or pony. We don't believe anyone in this space can match what we offer, which is a platform built from the ground up, for buying and selling horses.

Q: Will there be ads on or around my listing?
A: Only free listings include ads to help offset the cost of free listings.

Q: What size images can I upload to my horses listing?
A: All images are automatically resized internally, if you would like to prepare your pictures prior to upload, you can do so by using a photo editing software program such as Adobe Photoshop.

Q: How can I pay for a featured horse sales listing?
A: You can pay with your credit/debit card directly or through your Paypal account if you have one.

Q: Can I edit or delete my horse for sale listing?
A: You can edit your listing at any time. You can also delete your listing. You may optionally mark your horse as “Sold” or “Leased” by editing the listing.

Q: What do featured listings include?
A: Featured listings include your horse at the top of our home page, and are promoted through our social media channels. In addition, featured listings always appear at the top of search results if they match the search criteria. They also last twice as long as free ads and contain no advertising.

Q: How do people contact me about my horse for sale listing?
A: There is clickable button link on your listing page which will automatically send inquiries to the email address you entered when submitting your listing.